Monday, 18 April 2016

More highs and lows

I walked out of the gym feeling 12 feet tall, partly due to Josie, surely one of the world's prettiest physio's, but also because she has convinced me I do not have to accept being a vegetable for what remains of my life.
Unfortunately the "high" only lasted till the next morning when I had time to reconsider the farce of waiting 6 months for 2 endoscopy results, only to get a dismissive "it is nothing to worry about" from some nurse on the end of the phone when Lynne pinned her into a corner  Of course it is something to worry about having a foreign object living off your stomach for no apparent reason, without the hint of an explanation or plan for its future. Dr Exxon appears to be away on the space station for some unknown length of time, whilst all others dive for cover whenever the subject is raised.
The low slipped lower today when it rained all day and I retreated to my bed with a headache.

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