Saturday, 23 December 2017

Relaxation and wreaths,,,

.Xmas day was quiet,with the usual  heavy doses of food and wine ( shared with Marlene and Brian ). The afternoon was spent listening to Radio 5 and relaxing while the girls visited parents and younger brother graves,as Lynne and I had done the day before,combined with an hour or two with Margaret and Bob.
Immediately after Xmas I was once again retained in yet another psychiatric ward of Leicester hospital,but at least this time it was more modern than the previous ones and had individual,lockable rooms and showers. The downside was we were "observed" every 15 minutes during the night and expected to remain in the "rectivation" room every day,although rectivation was limited to dominoes and other family board games (yawn/yawn) plus billiards on a table that leaned to one side,despite many failed attempts to level it using beer mats apparently donated by local pubs as required . 
As they were short of beds I was unexpectantly sent home after my consultants and medical team agreed it was safe to do so..and there I stayed until mid May, when it finally stopped raining. The area surrounding our village was flooded

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