Monday 25 September 2017

Predicted scores league

Having totally missed the first week of the season my team, Sidonie, is quietly creeping  up the league table, almost unnoticed. The idea is to predict Premier league scores as accurately as possible in return for points. Naturally Sidonie racked up a fat O for the first game and is currently playing catch-up, quite successfully it seems.

Thursday 14 September 2017

Indoor bowls returns

Having opted out of outdoor bowls during the "summer" I hope to return to action this afternoon, indoors. Results should be interesting. Watch this space.
My health has been up and down in the interim, and to be honest I am starting to be frustrated at the lack of any real progress and not helped by the further delay in returning my driving licence. I would love to meet the so-called consultant deemed responsible for the apparent daft experimental simultaneous treatment of chemotherapy and radiopherapy but he has "left" the hospital very quietly without trace. SHAME. I have reserved a cubicle in A and E for him.
Would you believe it, bowls was cancelled due to a clashed booking and I am on the Isle of Man next week.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Hurricane tail ends.

Fortunately the 3 hurricanes which devastated much of the USA appear to have missed us,allowing us to visit Warwick castle, now owned and well maintained by the meridian Group. You need to have won the lottery to enter.nothing is cheap,although it is well worth a visit.