Tuesday 29 April 2014

Health and fatness

The strange link between fitness and fatness struck me today. When you are recovering from serious illness everyone you meet comments on how much better you are looking, based on the fact you have regained weight. i.e. Your face is fatter. Fat face = better. Fat everywhere else  = obesity.
We spent today wandering around Melton Mowbray market. Held twice a week it is enormous and very popular, selling a wide range of goods from garden plants, fruit, vegetables, food, clothing,shoes, hardware,pets,sheep and cattle. Very interesting. We bought a new washing line prop, pork pies and fruit.
 I failed to find a boating hat  or boating sandal's that fitted but consoled myself with a pub lunch and a pint. Overall an enjoyable day.

Monday 28 April 2014

Leicester spring again

Sunny and warm. Lots of visitors so outings restricted to village only. Arsenal on TV hopefully to relieve boredom ?

Saturday 26 April 2014

The drug syndrome/

Having spent several months on a strong penicillin drug for my leg my surgeon recommended coming off it a few weeks before the operation so he could take a culture to check any remaining infection and issue "a better" drug to clear it up. In the event I've ended up back on the same drug, but already my dizzyness has returned, as has my indigestion, stomach upsets and erratic blood sugar readings, all had stabilisedin the few weeks I was drug-free.  My research reveals these are common side-effects of the drug so I'll seek medical advice after the weekend.

When the boat comes in./Calke Abbey

Waiting for boat launch can be frustrating and boring. The only plus point is at the moment lots of football is on TV until the league and FA cups are resolved.
We spent the afternoon at Calke Abbey which tells the story of the dramatic decline of a country house estate. Built in 1703 and now owned by The National Trust, it remains as it did when last inhabited, many,many years ago, with original decorations, carpets and furniture. 
In true National Trust tradition finding your way to the car park and round the house interior is an exciting, frustrating and exhausting exercise due to a distinct lack of signage, although, to be fair, there are a few stewards dotted around the house if you truly get lost, as we did. We elected not to tour the gardens, grounds and church due to heavy rain, although you could make it a long day out in more favourable weather.
It is a unique experience.

Stock replenishment/ April showers

As you and Phoebe can see our breakfast table was bare, time for a shopping trip. Showers and sunny spells today, as is the forecast for next week.

Friday 25 April 2014


A slight setback occurred when Stanmore hospital confirmed an infection had been found in my damaged leg bone but gave me a further course of the antibiotic I have been on for ages  to clear it up. No problem. 7 stitches removed this morning whilst the 8th was too deep to get at, it will have to remain for another week or so. They gradually work themselves to the surface apparently. I just have to keep well clear of crowded places, hordes of children and badly steered baby buggies for a little longer.
I am still regaining weight, so overall things are progressing well.
Spent some time in the garden trimming shrubs but, to be honest it was too cold to stay out long.
I have received an early birthday present in the form of a fully- loaded iPod,so my slow progress to the 21st century continues.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Home warmth

My youngest daughter and Lynne's friend returned to their respective homes this morning in warmth and sunshine, so we are once again left as the dynamic duo.  I had yet another haircut as growth is uneven, but prolific. I do not wish to tempt fate but I am feeling back to my old self , even pre-depression. Stitches out tomorrow.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Sunny,warm Twycross zoo

The day began sunny and warm whilst Lynne and friend were delivered to their spa near Melton Mowbray. However, by the time my daughter and I arrived at Twycross zoo the weather had taken a turn for the worst, dropping temperatures several degrees whilst threatening showers. The zoo was a pleasant surprise, much better than I remembered from childhood, being well laid-out and featuring a wide range of endangered species in good enclosures. The Asian elephants had a cute baby, as did the orang utans and gorilla's. The zoo is obviously aimed at "younger customers", but not at the expense  of the "older ones ". After a pleasant fish and chip lunch we left for the the spa to return the well-refreshed ladies home. A pleasant day all round.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Cambridge and rain

Raining cats and dogs.  Nothing exciting in the Cambridge title, I' m afraid. We are merely picking up a friend there for a health spa visit tomorrow. Our children very kindly booked two places for 
Lynne and a friend as a mother's day present and a pick-me-up for Lynne after the torrid time she has suffered during my illness saga.
My leg wound is healing well and causes no problems. I have written a glowing report of my experiences at Stanmore to the top man there, in the hope his/her success can be replicated at others.

Sunday 20 April 2014

Final. Update Anstey 20 4 14.

Back to our " real" home in Leicestershire, no sun and cooler temperatures. Junk mail sorted and disposed of. 
Normal service resumes tomorrow.

More updates. Sunny Hertfordshire.16.4.14.

Restfull day in warm sunshine ,completed by a long,long walk through the woodlands of Ashridge estate.

Update. Stanmore op and sunshine .15.4.14

Arrived at Stanmore hospital 0730. Typical old hospital,old blocks joined by long corridors.free car park. Met by very polite,smiley receptionist and directed to "my" ward where I was met by equally polite and smiley sister,nurses and surgeon. Very impressive. I was in theatre by 0800 and back to my ward by 1130, complete with chunky bandage on my left leg. No pain or blood.I was told I could go home as soon as a few checks and the inevitable paperwork had been completed. The only hold-up was my low blood pressure but a couple of hours and two pints of water rectified it and we escaped to my sister's for a few days rest and recuperation. Apparently the operation had gone well, no infection, 8 stitches ( out in 10 days ). And no complications.no pain.
Stanmore hospital is the jewel in the NHS crown with happy, efficient staff, from cleaners,porters and consultants etc.Top MARKS all round

Monday 14 April 2014

Hanging around in Hertfordshire sunshine

Having waited a lifetime these last few hours seem to last forever, but that is the nature of the game I suspect. Not sure if I'll have access to my blog over the next day or two but updates will be published as and when possible.

Sunday 13 April 2014

No sun, but warmer/ Leicester

All packed and ready to go to Stanmore hospital via my sisters house which is closer. Fingers crossed.
Overall I feel ready ( or as ready as I could be ). And confidence is high. A fitness regime and alcohol free day planned as risks are to be avoided at all costs. Weeded the garden without incident in cool sunshine late afternoon.

Saturday 12 April 2014

Cold, cloudy Barton

A day on the boat sorting out the central heating boiler and watching Arsenal reach the FA cup final by beating Wigan after extra time and penalties. A bit like watching paint dry, only much slower. At least the boiler works ok and I have a final to look forward to (?).

Friday 11 April 2014

Sunny/warm. Leicester

I would be sitting in the back garden enjoying the sunshine if only I could locate our back door key, or if I could use the cat flap, but never mind.
Evaluating the benefits of our week- long break it proved  brilliant from a health viewpoint so I just need to pack my p j's for my hospital visit and operation. The light at the end of the tunnel is blinding !

Thursday 10 April 2014

Colchester/sunshine/ warmth/bus pass/home

Returning home. Spring weather continues. Hospital has finalised arrangements for leg operation and my attendance  which all sounds far more efficient than the Leicester mob. Confidence is high. Coming  from me that is quite a statement given I generally dislike hospitals and operations scare me. The past few days have done me the world of good, no fuzzy head,excessive sleeping and I've avoided falling over, plus my appetite has been good. I can now drink coffee again after many months of abstinence .
Walked through a country park next to the house without major incident, knackering myself in the process, whilst Lynne and friend went shopping in Colchester using their bus passes. Yes, bus passes.
Lynne has had her bus pass for many, many years and it has reclined in her purse unused, despite my encouragement, and the first time the pair go shopping she bloody uses it !!!
I have chalked it up as a major breakthrough and look forward to future shopping excursions from the boat. In fact I am viewing the bus psss success as an omen for my operation. 

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Warmth, sunshine & Frinton on Sea

Midsummer warmth and a day-trip to Frinton on sea, with beach huts and children paddling.
I was a little unsteady walking along the seafront but managed to return to the car without incident and devour a decent lunch in a nearby cafe, but resorted to a short snooze late afternoon. 
Old fogey's day out.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Colchester sunshine

Sunshine and an arctic wind. We visited anolde-worlde jam factory today before raiding Asda for Easter eggs.
A bit wobbly in Asda but otherwise no problems.

Monday 7 April 2014

Rainy Colchester

A long but pleasant drive in pouring rain and here we are in Colchester, watching the children play a variety of sports on the Wii. ( I 've been beaten too many times to take part).

Sunday 6 April 2014

Quiet and quieter

FSomething of a lazy day as we prepare to motor South to stay with friends in Colchester for a few days, prior to my leg op. This is certainly the light at the end of a very long tunnel .
Next stop the boat.
A walk round the Co-Op marked my excercise for the day although I had a wobbly moment or two in the process.

Saturday 5 April 2014

Home with granny and grumps

We opted for another day at home, this time joined by our youngest granddaughters. Good fun but exhausting. Healthwise, OK, but weather wise cold. 

Friday 4 April 2014


Back in Anstey for a short visit before venturing to Colchester ( by car ) for a day or two. These breaks are proving to be priceless regarding my physical and mental health conditions, both considerably improved. Even my black eye appears less intimidating. The Sahara haze has lifted somewhat but the sun has opted not to appear. Diabetic blood test and ECG completed without problem.

Thursday 3 April 2014

The good life

Off for the good life in Surbition, only for the day, but time is short. Dull but warm. We're suffering with smogs blown over from the Sahara at present which makes a change. My black eye continues to cause comment, how many rounds with Mike Tyson? Etc. etc. it wears a bit thin in the end but I can live with it, I suppose.

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Long trip, but worth it.

We are spending a few days with relatives on the outskirts of Reading, relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. Wonderful .  From here we aim to visit friends near Colchester........getting away from it all. 
We had a guided tour of theReading area and some refreshments. The change of company and scenery  acts like a pick-me up, better than any magic cure.  Fairly warm for the time of year and I managed a considerable amount of walking and eating ( not at the same time ). Feeling good. 

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Swimming and wobbly moment

Another swimming session successfully completed and another fall at home, a couple of grazes on my head but no other damage worth mentioning.  I know nothing of these falls other than when I regain conceousness  on the floor and count the wounds, which is worrying and equally frustrating ( and dangerous of course ). On the plus side my hair is recovering and appears to be trying to cover my head again, just as Status Quo launch yet another fairwell tour !  
A visit to the hospital diabetic unit today shed more light on my instability. My blood pressure is higher sitting down than standing up, so fast movement from one to the other apparently causes my problem. However, they are not going to investigate further or attempt a cure until all my other problems and drugs are behind me.