Thursday 10 April 2014

Colchester/sunshine/ warmth/bus pass/home

Returning home. Spring weather continues. Hospital has finalised arrangements for leg operation and my attendance  which all sounds far more efficient than the Leicester mob. Confidence is high. Coming  from me that is quite a statement given I generally dislike hospitals and operations scare me. The past few days have done me the world of good, no fuzzy head,excessive sleeping and I've avoided falling over, plus my appetite has been good. I can now drink coffee again after many months of abstinence .
Walked through a country park next to the house without major incident, knackering myself in the process, whilst Lynne and friend went shopping in Colchester using their bus passes. Yes, bus passes.
Lynne has had her bus pass for many, many years and it has reclined in her purse unused, despite my encouragement, and the first time the pair go shopping she bloody uses it !!!
I have chalked it up as a major breakthrough and look forward to future shopping excursions from the boat. In fact I am viewing the bus psss success as an omen for my operation. 

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