Sunday 20 April 2014

Update. Stanmore op and sunshine .15.4.14

Arrived at Stanmore hospital 0730. Typical old hospital,old blocks joined by long car park. Met by very polite,smiley receptionist and directed to "my" ward where I was met by equally polite and smiley sister,nurses and surgeon. Very impressive. I was in theatre by 0800 and back to my ward by 1130, complete with chunky bandage on my left leg. No pain or blood.I was told I could go home as soon as a few checks and the inevitable paperwork had been completed. The only hold-up was my low blood pressure but a couple of hours and two pints of water rectified it and we escaped to my sister's for a few days rest and recuperation. Apparently the operation had gone well, no infection, 8 stitches ( out in 10 days ). And no pain.
Stanmore hospital is the jewel in the NHS crown with happy, efficient staff, from cleaners,porters and consultants etc.Top MARKS all round

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