Saturday 26 April 2014

When the boat comes in./Calke Abbey

Waiting for boat launch can be frustrating and boring. The only plus point is at the moment lots of football is on TV until the league and FA cups are resolved.
We spent the afternoon at Calke Abbey which tells the story of the dramatic decline of a country house estate. Built in 1703 and now owned by The National Trust, it remains as it did when last inhabited, many,many years ago, with original decorations, carpets and furniture. 
In true National Trust tradition finding your way to the car park and round the house interior is an exciting, frustrating and exhausting exercise due to a distinct lack of signage, although, to be fair, there are a few stewards dotted around the house if you truly get lost, as we did. We elected not to tour the gardens, grounds and church due to heavy rain, although you could make it a long day out in more favourable weather.
It is a unique experience.

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