Monday 29 February 2016

Back to court

Julia gave us a lift to Leicester court for our mediation hearing. To cut a long story short it will sent back to the county court, yawn, yawn.unless we and MCC can reach a compromise. MCC admitted being broke and at fault but could not afford another court case, but were willing to pay us "as and when ",which Lynne agreed to, much to my horror. As far as I'm concerned we can wave the money goodbye but Lynne seems convinced Paul Baldwin is a "good egg" and trustworthy, I wish I shared her faith. I will take MCC back to court if the "agreement" fails to reach fruition in due course.
By the time I had completed a £20 bet with Lynne MCC would default on payment they had phoned to offer full payment  within 3 months.
Persistence pays.

Sunday 28 February 2016

Dead computer

Any hope of keeping my geriatric old computer alive were crushed by Terry, but the hard drive continues to live on a little longer enabling us to transfer essential files/photos to the replacement piece of kit, once chosen.(more jobs for Terry).
The house is back to "normal", Linda and Terry have returned home for a quieter time,no doubt. Sophie and Joel have also returned to their home after their London expedition, breaking the return journey with us. So it is back to Lynne and I and the TV.

Friday 26 February 2016

Holiday camp

Overnight our house was turned from a small terraced house sleeping two to a fully functional bed and breakfast sleeping six.linda and Terry had already arranged to stay and were belatedly joined by Joel and Sophie  having a stop-over on their way from Manchester to London where they have tickets to see Wicked, a pregual to the Harry Potter films, plus a tour of Universal studios at Boreham Wood, near London.
It was good to see them all again.
More unexpected good news arrived by post today as my personal independence plan has almost doubled this year for some unexplained reason.
My diabetic results were excellent and suddenly I am feeling good. ( or as good as it gets ,in my case).
Terry plans to at least get my computer started today,which will be blessing.

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Endoscopy 3.

Another early start for my third endoscopy in as many weeks. My appointment at Leicester  Royal
 was for 0830 but the medical staff only start at 0900. Typical Leicester. This endoscopy lasted much longer than my previous one as it involved taking a sample for lab investigations. It was confirmed the gist is over 2.5 cms wide and will need to be removed, but no rush. Apparently any gist over 2.5 cms can eventually turn aggressive so surgeons recommend taking them out earlier rather than later.
The best news is that I walked out of Leicester hospital unharmed on this occasion.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

World war 3

The EU and Britain's continued membership has been the subject of much debate recently, following our Prime Ministers supposed re-negotiation of terms and conditions. There will be a vote later this year . For what it is worth I think there will be a major war within a year with Russia, iSlamic State, Syria, North Korea and others taking on the remaining World countries. I hope I am wrong.
I am feeling pretty good  since Lisa changed my diabetic regime. 

Sunday 21 February 2016

Your M & L sweat shop exposed.

I am able to expose an M & S knitting sweatshop in Reading involving Marlene and Lynne mass-producing knitted scarves in a Reading dining room sweatshop, thanks to a tip-0ff from an exhausted ex-employee knitter living nearby
 Our weekend plans surprisingly changed this morning, shortly after I had stupidly told Lynne how well I had mentally coped with the fairly hectic schedule so far. We had very successfully  got through day 1 and almost half of day 2 when the agenda was lengthened by a day to take in a visit to Margaret and Bob.
We returned home exhausted but overall it was an enjoyable weekend.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Non-stop rain

JThe rainy day gave Lynne the opportunity to investigate the story of my endoscopy NHS farce. As usual the investigation took a number of calls and as usual Lynne was like a fox terrier accidentally finding a rabbit in it's burrow. The rabbit ( in this case surgeons and their secretaries ) stood no chance. 
They made a mistake with the first endoscopy by not confirming the gist size or the overall result of the investigation, but compounded their incompetence by making a prompt appointment for a second endoscopy without any explanation to cover their embarrasment. So there. I expect another prompt new appointment.

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Leicester hospital fails again

My latest endoscopy was due today at 0800 hrs, but our very early start to the very frosty day was  in vain as , on our arrival it was belatedly confirmed the operation had been cancelled. Another letter to the chief executive looms.
Hospital treatment in Tanzania must be far superior to Leicester.

Friday 12 February 2016

Tardis Two makes internet debut.

Our Tardis Two internet advert has gone global and very impressive it is too.  We just need to sit back and await developments.
I will attend the high court hearing with MCC which should prove fun,but basically will not change the county court decision, unless the judge wishes to set it aside and hear the whole thing himself at some later date. The court discussions should prove very interesting and fairly entertaining.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Two can play

Having spoken to a solicitor the court hearing of 29th February seems much less daunting, the city judge merely assessing MCC's reasons for wanting the previous court decision set aside,which should prove entertaining. Delaying tactics actually, and solicitors costs far outweighing whatever the outcome,which stops me worrying a little.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Legal wrangles/playing the system

We received a letter from the City courthouse of Leicester informing us  MCC has applied for our county court award to be set aside. A city court hearing has been set for 29th February to consider if the matter can be set aside. Eddie is obviouslyj reaching the end of his tether and is blaming ill health for the lack of adequately defending the case, so I reckon if ill health will be the deciding factor I have no worries.

Saturday 6 February 2016

Gardening relief again

Managed an hour or two gardening, which helped clear my muddled brain and excercise a few muscles. I am trying to ignore the obvious MCC wind-up so the fresh air and  excercise cleared the majority of bull sh*t from my remaining brain cavities and life is on the up again.
The reasoning behind MCC's attitude to customer care still escapes me , if they put half as much energy into it as they do playing endless computer games they would be quite a success.

Thursday 4 February 2016

The two steps forward, one step back syndrome returns.

Having been awarded our boat "repair" expenses by the County Court and no sign of payment by MCC, even after invoking a visit by the bailif's, we eventually received a short letter from the high court saying MCC had belatedly asked for the County Court decision to be "set aside" and a new High Court  hearing to be arranged ?  Date to be confirmed sometime in March. We need to get legal advice  but do not appear to have any input into this latest shenanigans. In theory our case remains watertight ( excuse the pun ) but the involvement of solicitors inevitably adds complications , delays and expenses. Just what my addled brain needed at this late stage. But I will not let the b*st*rds drag me down.