Sunday 29 November 2015

Party aftermath

The "party" went well until things got a bit lively, when we decided to leave, apparently just before the police arrived to part two fighting ladies throwing cup cakes at each other !     
In torrential rain and very high winds we returned home late afternoon

Saturday 28 November 2015

Party preface

One of the girls at the wedding shop is leaving today after long service so a "leaving do" has been arranged. Lynne is working today but aims to pick me up later from Chloe's, with train and bus back-up if necessary. What could possibly go wrong?

Friday 27 November 2015

Pre-party trip south

A wet day,mostly spent in bed.Lynne disappeared for a"quick" visit to Julie,but by the time she returned I was so fast asleep apparently she was unable to wake me. I could have been unconscious or dead? Suffice to say we left for London later than Lynne originally planned,for which I got the blame.

Thursday 26 November 2015

Signs of stress

Barring yet more errors in form filling the court papers are on their way. If I could quantify and afford to sue MCC for stress caused by their incompetence and billigerence I could be richer than Paul Mc Cartney and they would be out of business, but I now at least I have a boat that works and the stress is a thing of the past. (Fingers crossed).
Filling, re-filling the forms and filing the paperwork really created problems and frustration for me, something that was second nature to me prior to my last bout of treatment, but I have reached my new limitations, which, once accepted, will ensure I can at least enjoy the rest of my life?????

Wednesday 25 November 2015


A great nights sleep and the printer fixed, so we're back in business for the court papers, due to be posted later today ( fingers crossed ). Would you believe they have changed the court forms so we have had to re-do them all. With the fee-cheque attached they have been re-submitted, so hopefully we are now only awaiting a court date in Leicester. Talk about stressful. MCC will not be receiving an Xmas card from us.( as per usual ). The boat was supposed to be relaxing and stress free. If only.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

More dark dreams

Lynne arrived home early yesterday following yet another change of work plan, but no surprises there. I have  given up caring about changed plans to be honest 
Had another night of dark dreams but I managed to lie-in till 10.00 a m to catch up on lost sleep.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Dark dreams

 restless night with dark dreams featuring Hitler, Idi Amin, "Dances with Wolves","Soldier Blue" and. Hannibal Lecter in jumbled sequences together with "Forest Gump" and "Searching for Private Ryan", all part of my search for the original me and backed by "In my life" Beatles, "City of Dreams" Talking Heads, "Queen of Hollywood" Coors,"Vincent"Don McLean. Strange eh? I feel  I have lost track of the original me,replaced almost by a soul less cardboard cutout which has no great appeal to me,let alone anyone else. What I'm trying to decipher is what caused the change ? The treatment, my age, or what and is it irreversible?

What snow ?

Yesterday's snow only survived while it was snowing and disappeared as quick as it arrived, before most residents even awoke. I should have taken a photo as most people I mentioned it to immediately blamed the bump on my head. Having said that, it was only Lynne's ridiculously early departure that ensured I saw it at all.
My plans for today have yet to form but may include gardening or perhaps walking ? But now the cheque book has miraculously appeared I feel compelled to use it, having re-checked the court papers. I've managed to use check or cheque 3 times in the same sentence

Friday 20 November 2015

Problems resolved?

It is snowing this morning as Lynne sets off for a weekends work in London. Fortunately it is not settling as the ground was warmed by our recent mild temperatures, although conditions for driving are far from ideal, but who am I to argue? The "differences of opinion " issues appear to have been settled and better understood but for the record we are not destitute and/or broke. Neither are we in the Richard Branson income bracket. No further comment.


No, nothing to do with terrorists. A letter received from the consultant I entertained a couple of weeks  ago to which I wished to reply mysteriously disappeared,only reappearing after a heated exchange and a weak explanation. Similarly a request for a replacement cheque book from HMBC seems to have disappeared into the ether. A cheque is essential to progress our case against MCC but my guess is this action is no longer "required", but time is running out. It seems I need to restart the process, which takes at least a week at the best of times, 

Thursday 19 November 2015

All doom and gloom

The World news is all doom and gloom at present, what with the Paris terrorist attack, plus a local schoolgirl murder where it has taken our police over a week to find the body, but arrests have been made. In France there have been numerous arrests, extremely speedily. They don't muck about out there, you're either arrested or shot dead.
Despite all this, my personal mood is quite good, the bees are a distant memory,as are fuzzy heads.
My eye has repaired fairly well and now is a normal colour and size and appears to work well.
It's raining again.

Sunday 15 November 2015

Post terror liver scan.

As predicted the EU is running around like headless chickens, although I accept the analogy  is far from ideal. They know where the IS armies/leaders are and they have the means to remove them, but getting all governments to agree actions is like banging heads against brick walls, or pavements in my case. Speaking of which my eyes are much better and the stitches are due out this afternoon.
Removing them proved problematical, due to an unfortunate over-use of glue by the stitching surgeon who managed to add my bushy eyebrow's into the equation. 1of the 3 stitches still remains whilst my eyebrow now has a quiff stiffly fixed in place. I am afraid to enquire how it will be resolved.
Had all my internal organs ultra scanned this morning on behalf of my new, razor sharp diabetic consultant. Results pending.

Saturday 14 November 2015

Paris terror attacks

With reports of at least 108 deaths in Paris caused by terrorist attacks and France having closed it's borders the news was not good this morning, inevitable, but not good. Is this the beginning of the end of the Economic Union ?  I personally hope so, but I knew the politicians would  never make the decision unprompted. People power. In this case a group of religious fanatics, but People power all the same.
This morning my face has returned to nearer it's original shape and colour. 

Friday 13 November 2015

The Michael Jackson phenomena

Having watched Michael  change from black to white over many years, I appear to be doing the opposite over a matter of days, starting with my face and eyes. My left eye, previously unaffected by my argument with the pavement has now decided to swell and turn black whilst my right eye refuses to reverse into white, perhaps waiting for the 3 stitches and second "spray-on skin" to be removed in 4 days time. Needless to say I look far more of a mess than usual, even though I managed to shave this morning . No Hollywood starring role for me then, unless they intend making yet another of the Rocky series.
With a new alternator and battery the car appears to perform well, although the expense has tipped us back into negative equity, just as my prospective " publisher" is beginning to put excessive pressure on me to complete the book and ridiculously produce a huge contribution towards it's production costs.
Slum dog  millionaire springs to mind. Or perhaps I can assume a pseudonym? Something like Geoffrey Archer?

Thursday 12 November 2015

All things bright and beautiful

I have slept well  since my accident and the weather has taken a turn for the better, with bright sunshine greeting my late bed exit. My mood has brightened also. Only slightly worsened by Lynne informing me I now look like a panda  as my left eye is starting to blacken. 

Wednesday 11 November 2015

The morning after

After a surprisingly good nights sleep I awoke with a hideous black right eye, fully closed, a sore right thigh and a clear head. Apart from  some small grazes on my left hand that was the sum total of my previous battle with the pavement.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Car maladies

The car failed to start again, involving another visit by Green Flag. The first guy had diagnosed a dodgy battery, later overruled by a battery dealer. However, this latest guy once again blamed the battery, but also found an intermittent fault with the alternator. I asked him to leave the engine running so we could get the car to a garage. He completed a report for the garage where we managed to leave the car, who promised to investigate, but not today.
We're talking once again and I intend doing a little gardening. My book publisher is starting to hassle me for completion, so I have more than enough to keep me busy, helped by the fact I have got through the recent "fuzzy head"  stage.
I intended doing about one and a half hours of gardening, which I did. However walking home down the hill I became aware of my legs struggling to keep up with my body. As my pace increased I was also aware of me shouting "slow down" loudly and repeatedly until I collided with the pavement and a lamppost,with a very sore head and laying in a pool of blood. Remarkably I was quickly surrounded by a group of "locals" , all kindly offering to help, one of whom phoned an ambulance, while another phoned Lynne, who was on site within seconds followed very quickly by a blue-lighted ambulance. My blood sugar was low so the paramedics concentrated on stabilising that before heading for Leicester Royal Infirmary Accident and Emergency department. I have been very critical of it in the past but tonight they surpassed themselves. We only waited about an hour to get in and the wound above my right eye was quickly cleaned, 3 stitches added and a dressing applied. Even so it was mid evening before we had dinner at home,Derek having kindly given us a lift,otherwise it would have been a very late night.

Monday 9 November 2015

Hospital by bus

Another silent morning, crowned by the car failing to start again. I diagnosed a starter motor problem as it was being moved by the battery but not engaging the engine (I should point out I am not a mechanic ). The battery had been proclaimed as A1 by a Halfords manager the previous day. Another Green Flag call-out looms. So my hospital visit was made by bus. The journey there was lengthy but largely uneventful,whilst the exact opposite was true of the return trip. Having been directed to the "correct" bus stop across the road by the bus driver, half an hour later we were directed back where we started by the bus driver( a different one ). Halfway back to Beaumont leas the driver parked on a bus stop where a "relief driver" was supposed to be waiting to return the bus to the depot, but he wasn't. After an exchange of views over the phone with his boss our driver agreed to drop off his remaining passengers and return the bus to the depot,presumably before finishing his shift. This he did by driving off-route at very high speeds and dropping his 10 remaining passengers as near to where they wanted to get, very politely. We were too far off route for a trip home but he dropped us off at another bus stop where we could get a bus home as we have free OAP bus passes. Overall a good day. My counsellor is arranging for me and her to meet the top dog in her department as early as possible in an attempt to resolve my depression and other maladies.

Sunday 8 November 2015

Remembrance Sunday

Yet another quiet, wet day, a large chunk of which I spent in Leicester,mooching about. Evening  buses to anstey  are few and far between so I hitched a taxi for a luxury ride home. Getting in and out of the large cab proved difficult as I staggered about a bit after all my exercise. I must have appeared drunk to the charming old Indian cabbie, but he helped me in and out without comment. I observed the traditional 2 minutes silence, in fact I observed an all day silence.

Saturday 7 November 2015

Deafening silence

The silence is earth-shatteringly deafening and consistent, but I suppose I'll get used to it. Outside it is still raining, conveniently mirroring the indoor gloom. Happy days, but all my fault so I cannot apportion blame elsewhere.
My digestive system appears to have called it a day, which does little to boost my spirits, the lowest of the low at present. Short of God giving me a call I cannot think of a worse scenario than my body parts  choosing to wave goodbye individually rather than in unison. Will the last one leaving please switch off the lights ?

Friday 6 November 2015

Promises, Promises.

I've lost count of the number of broken promises I have suffered over recent years, so I should be immune to them by now, but this is very clearly not the case.
"Our" plans changed yesterday afternoon when Lynne received an invite to a Lebanese meal Saturday night in Hounslow and 2 days work at the wedding shop, both options she found too tempting to resist, despite only recently confirming she would not be working there again ( the village idiot syndrome arises again). As the meal excluded me a babysitter was reguired. However,for various reasons the usual suspects were unavailable at such short notice so I was given the option of being home-alone at Chloe's or at home,alone.  i chose the latter,which was a big mistake I guess, as  i had an extremely quiet evening and an even quieter journey home this morning, but,as usual,it was all my fault. 
The tone of my day was matched by the weather, with heavy and continuous rain. We bought new daffodil bulbs and some potting compost for our garden tubs, again in silence.
Later in the afternoon Lynne decided to decline the weekend work offer, but will need to visit her London hairdresser at some time prior to the meal, yet to be confirmed to me. Time will tell.

Thursday 5 November 2015

Fireworks night

A wet day, all day, but we watched the city fireworks display from our bedroom window. I grabbed a nap during the afternoon and,after a shower, felt refreshed, although I am still well aware my body is far from fully recovered from my treatment,mainly internally.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Brighter mood, lousy day

A very grey day, but for me, brighter.
We travelled to Colchester in pouring rain and very poor light. Terry downloaded "Radio Africa" for me and we looked for Chloe on sky news arresting students at today's riots in London.  

Monday 2 November 2015

The best laid plans

It's funny how an unexpected visitor can completely change plans. My carefully planned evening was thwarted by Derek "popping in" for a coffee and a chat, which in the end turned out to be a very good thing as I gradually realised my plans were very badly flawed. Back to the drawing board yet again.

Sunday 1 November 2015

Fog on a clear day

Anstey looked like a Hammer horror film set this morning with a very thick blanket of fog, which the sun quickly devoured, leaving a very clear, sunny day. Similarly my head is clear, having resolved the puzzle of the court paperwork and partially solved my fuzzy head mystery. Katie suffers similar problems apparently which she blames on iPad and computer screens. Having thought about it, she may have a point. I was perfectly OK prior to my surgery and treatment. I will investigate further and tell my Leicester Neurological consultant where to stick his next appointment and comedy show ( November 2016 apparently ).