Sunday 15 November 2015

Post terror liver scan.

As predicted the EU is running around like headless chickens, although I accept the analogy  is far from ideal. They know where the IS armies/leaders are and they have the means to remove them, but getting all governments to agree actions is like banging heads against brick walls, or pavements in my case. Speaking of which my eyes are much better and the stitches are due out this afternoon.
Removing them proved problematical, due to an unfortunate over-use of glue by the stitching surgeon who managed to add my bushy eyebrow's into the equation. 1of the 3 stitches still remains whilst my eyebrow now has a quiff stiffly fixed in place. I am afraid to enquire how it will be resolved.
Had all my internal organs ultra scanned this morning on behalf of my new, razor sharp diabetic consultant. Results pending.

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