Monday 9 November 2015

Hospital by bus

Another silent morning, crowned by the car failing to start again. I diagnosed a starter motor problem as it was being moved by the battery but not engaging the engine (I should point out I am not a mechanic ). The battery had been proclaimed as A1 by a Halfords manager the previous day. Another Green Flag call-out looms. So my hospital visit was made by bus. The journey there was lengthy but largely uneventful,whilst the exact opposite was true of the return trip. Having been directed to the "correct" bus stop across the road by the bus driver, half an hour later we were directed back where we started by the bus driver( a different one ). Halfway back to Beaumont leas the driver parked on a bus stop where a "relief driver" was supposed to be waiting to return the bus to the depot, but he wasn't. After an exchange of views over the phone with his boss our driver agreed to drop off his remaining passengers and return the bus to the depot,presumably before finishing his shift. This he did by driving off-route at very high speeds and dropping his 10 remaining passengers as near to where they wanted to get, very politely. We were too far off route for a trip home but he dropped us off at another bus stop where we could get a bus home as we have free OAP bus passes. Overall a good day. My counsellor is arranging for me and her to meet the top dog in her department as early as possible in an attempt to resolve my depression and other maladies.

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