Friday 13 November 2015

The Michael Jackson phenomena

Having watched Michael  change from black to white over many years, I appear to be doing the opposite over a matter of days, starting with my face and eyes. My left eye, previously unaffected by my argument with the pavement has now decided to swell and turn black whilst my right eye refuses to reverse into white, perhaps waiting for the 3 stitches and second "spray-on skin" to be removed in 4 days time. Needless to say I look far more of a mess than usual, even though I managed to shave this morning . No Hollywood starring role for me then, unless they intend making yet another of the Rocky series.
With a new alternator and battery the car appears to perform well, although the expense has tipped us back into negative equity, just as my prospective " publisher" is beginning to put excessive pressure on me to complete the book and ridiculously produce a huge contribution towards it's production costs.
Slum dog  millionaire springs to mind. Or perhaps I can assume a pseudonym? Something like Geoffrey Archer?

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