Friday 28 February 2014


Today I had the choice of swimming or walking for my excercise . I had aches and pains where I had no idea muscles existed so I decided on the soft option of walking. The swimming had obviously worked from a fitness point of view but I think alternate days are best to maintain some sort of movement. 
It's another crisp cruising day, but crisper than yesterday.
Once in the pool my brain opted for 8 lengths whilst my body opted  for 6. A compromise was reached half way down the the 6th length thankfully,  so I settled for 6 lengths and a return stroll down to the village newsagents. In the meantime Lynne has apparently raised concerns with my cancer nurse regarding the length of time I allegedly spend sleeping. Considering my previous excercise had been last summer additional sleep would seem perfectly normal to me, but my nurse has recommended steroids instead.  We'll see.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Factor 10

Surprise, surprise. Another bright, sunny winters day, with a warm coat, hat and gloves would be a good cruising day.  A friend showed us a local swimming pool which holds afternoon sessions for over 50's, which should suit my fitness regime. Having not swum for many, many years this promised to be a shot in the dark. However, thankfully, it worked-out well and I completed 10 lengths without disaster, although my front crawl obviously requires some practice. 
It was interesting to observe the different attitudes to the over-50' s sessions by men and women. The men get straight in and set off to complete their planned lengths before getting straight out. The women filter in and congregate in a corner for a chat, eventually continuing their discussions along the sides, neither causing problems, until the next change in tactics which involves swimming across the pool in pairs, still chatting and sometimes stopping mid pool, which obviously creates chaos amongst the old men who moan about it as they complete each length.
The men get their overall fitness improved whilst the women achieve very strong jaws and save an hour's central heating costs daily.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Arctic summer

Another bright, sunny , cold day, but I'm not complaining. A decent warm coat, hat and gloves would make it a good cruising day . We struck gold today. My epileptic specialist nurse  recommended a diabetic specialist nurse, who visited me at home today. She is a breath of fresh air and a very useful future contact for us.
I am intending to add swimming to my return to fitness campaign tomorrow, following some facilities research today. I also considered cycling but concluded it might prove too stressful  for the damaged bone in my leg.

Monday 24 February 2014

Roll on

Settled weather continues with similar atmosphere outcomes. We opted to spend the day visiting my sister , which always tends to  level rough seas. Job done.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Every cloud

Making the most of the old saying,"every cloud has a silver lining", our guests for tea played a large part in smoothing stormy waters by getting Lynne and I discussing non controversial issues without rancour. The house was a calmer place when they left so overall good progress has been made.
All that cake making obviously has a calming influence. 
As a consequence I am in a much better place, thankfully. Staying there would be nice.

Operation delay?

Lynne and I had a heartfelt conversation about my forthcoming operation. Her view is a postponement as she thinks I may not be "fit enough" to have it. My view, as you can imagine, is somewhat different, resulting in an unhealthy silent truce. We will need to "discuss the issues further" today but have friends popping in for tea, which may restrict opportunities somewhat. On a brighter note the sun is out on a breezy cold day which fails to restrict my fitness regime and helps to support my theory.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Honest, it's Saturday

I have checked the papers, the iPad and the TV, so can reliably report today is Saturday. Friends popped in for breakfast on their way from Wales to Norfolk for a holiday which gave me the opportunity of a brisk, early morning walk into the village. Weather sunny but cool. Hence the morning passed pleasantly. Similarly friends are popping in for tea tomorrow so the weekend should fly by. We received confirmation of an appointment with an oncologist at St. George's hospital in London for March 19th, so things beginning to happen fast, thankfully. I'm beginning to feel an impatient patient 

Friday 21 February 2014

Hey,hey it's Friday again.

Having been belatedly reminded yesterday was actually Thursday I could simply repeat yesterday's blog without too many people noticing.  I actually had a counselling session this morning but ended-up counselling my counsellor, as he and his department are being  deleted in a devious way, by gradually reducing staffing until the unit cannot function. Bureaucracy within the NHS makes the old USSR look relatively simple in comparison, believe me. Hopefully my counselling will be reprogrammed once one of the nurses returns from stress leave.
I managed to almost walk to Old John this morning, or I would have made it had mountaineering not been necessary for the last few feet. I have also decided to trade-in my London bus pass for a Leicester one to allow me some independence of movement. I have also obtained access to some funds which will help in the same way. All  positive stuff. 

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Hey,hey,it's Friday

I wake up every morning and wonder what day it is, they call it retirement. So what is significant about today being Friday? Basically I've turned the clock back to pre-retirement days when weekends were looked forward to as welcome breaks from the hum-drum of working life. This weekend we have friends popping in both days, fulfilling the same role. Life already seems brighter. 
Today I have an appointment with the diabetic nurse to assist me making sense of my diabetes control, which ironically has returned to something resembling normality as the cancer drugs/treatments finally leave my body
My hsb1 (long-term blood sugar control) results were near perfect, which reassured me no end, so I celebrated with a spot of gardening, which proved knackering and re confirmed how long it will take to regain sufficient fitness to cruise Tardis Two again. But that is my aim. Today was a good cruising day. Dry, sunny and warm ( with a few layers  and a hat on ).
Belatedly I have to admit today is actually Thursday. Sorry. Ignore the title. It gives me another day for my fitness regime and another day to enjoy. I'll at least get the day right tomorrow,  I promise.

Shaken, not stirred.

Life is quite surreal at the moment. We are living separate lives in a tiny house, which should be impossible in theory. Funny how the brain works sometimes, eh?  I get to a point when even I question my sanity. But do I care? No, in reality . It could be a dangerous situation if I could drive,ride a bike or had money, but  sadly not. As it stands I am merely a danger to myself and everyone else is safe, I guess.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Time to stop stirring

CToday is dull and damp, not ideal for walking, but I intend to. My mood is slightly brighter today but overall the atmosphere is gloomy. I have mentioned umpteen times before proper counselling is impossible to obtain in the UK, as opposed to a guy who talks rather than listens and just doubles the happy pill dosage, which I find depressing. 
Roll on the boat.

Monday 17 February 2014

Stir crazy

Yesterday was a backward step, but only a small one. With  the prospect of another day at home I felt not so good compared with previous days out.......stir crazy? Something to bear in mind for future plans in the short-term? Long-term we have the boat to look forward to.
In the event today was very quiet, in every respect, as, feelings ran high. A walk relieved the tension somewhat but failed to improve my mood.

Sunday 16 February 2014

A cruising day

Sunshine and warmth today means the first cruising day of the year, but with Tardis Two winterised and my lack of fitness we are unable to take advantage of it. No problem. Our chance will come.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Post valentine reflections

The last week has proven to be a revelation, health-wise. Mentally I feel a million times better, no doubt attributed to my improved physical condition allowing me to live what I call a more "normal" life. My concentration levels are much improved and the world seems a much better place, despite the extreme weather conditions. Today is bright and breezy. Roll on spring.

Friday 14 February 2014

Normality returns

My blood pressure is back to normal and I' ve gained a couple of pounds, which is great news. Everything moving in the right direction. Spirits higher. "Boogie nights" by Earth, Wind and Fire stuck in my head which gives some indication of mood, or could it just be Valentines day?
My third haircut since cessation of treatment today. She said " I won't bother showing the back of your head as it looks much like the front".  Point taken.
Weather dry and cold today, until we headed to the marina for lunch with friends when heavy rain was added to the mix. Once again Tardis Two was fine, as was lunch and bit of marina shopping. Another good day, getting more frequent recently. Earth, Wind and Fire disappeared back into history thank God.

Thursday 13 February 2014

Noah's ark

A life-long friend popped in to see me yesterday risking life and limb driving down the M1  in gale force wind and lashing rain, subsequent to which we re- launched him in the direction of Tardis Two in identical conditions . Mad or what? You try balancing on a pontoon in 90 mph winds. Great fun. The boat was fine, as was the pub lunch and the journey home, now in dry but windy conditions. It is amazing how much a change of company and scenery makes to my mood, far more successful than drugs.  A sunny and still day today with no particular plans or appointments.I actually went shopping this afternoon but underestimated the effort required carrying the carrier bags home, fortunately Lynne rescued me. The strength still is not there, I'm afraid. Sorted out boat insurance this afternoon, no mean feat. Boats need one of those bloody annoying fat singing Italian comparison web-sites. We managed to get it cheaper than last year.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Strange weather?

W had snow today, just for a change. The club where I used to row near Hampton Court have apparently not been able to get on the Thames since mid- December last year due to water flow and high levels. They have also been unable to use rowing machines to keep fit as the club house has been continuously flooded. We will check our boat again this week as some marina's have been reported flooded, but not ours. ( we hope ).  Watching the news there appears to be very little of the UK not flooded with various Government departments blaming each other for the distinct lack of action. Our memories of being forced aground on a gravel bank on the Thames last year raise smiles as we remember being promised by the Environment Agency they would dredge that area during the winter. With 100% of British rivers now requiring dredging I doubt my little piece of Thames will receive any attention, but we live in hope.
My health continues to improve day by day.

Monday 10 February 2014

Positive mood rise

Just getting out of the house for the weekend proved a major mood boost. My youngest daughter pulled out all the stops and gave me a day out at my beloved Howletts zoo, which I managed to slowly walk round in a selection of brilliant sunshine, hale the size of marbles and rain. The highlights for me included changing my 40 year old life-membership card for a new digital version with photo attached and trying to work out the whereabouts of gorilla family group members, following recent (natural) deaths of some of the silverback family leaders.

Friday 7 February 2014

Positives recommended

This positive attitude caper is already paying dividends, with an initial appointment for my leg on 11th March, but cynics are likely to point towards coincidences. Well, stuff them. I don't care.

Thursday 6 February 2014

More positives

My positive period continues. Our surgery nurse confirmed my blood pressure as low with a likely cause of dehydration and/or weight loss ( 10 kilos ). I will attempt to address both issues before returning for a re-check next week, having stocked up with a range of fruit squashes and nuts. The shower continues to work and it continues to rain heavily. Apparently my leg operation has progressed up the waiting list somewhat, but no projected date yet.

Wednesday 5 February 2014


I was up an hour earlier than Lynne, unusually, and I would have fed the cats had there been any food for them. We have agreed a positive attitude period in an attempt to brighten our lives a little ,and this is day 1. Watch this space.
A walk to the Post Office in very high winds was a success, slow but successful . Positive , notice. The shower remains unfixed but it works perfectly since the engineer mucked about with the boilerYet more positivity. We are hoping to get some answers from the hospital regarding my instability this afternoon.  
( physical, not mental ). I,ll kill them if they're negative.
The instability is possibly due to blood pressure ( my GP will check) or loss of weight 10 kilos.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Old boiler update.

The fatefull call from the boiler engineer finally arrived late afternoon, confirming repairs depend on winning the lottery and/or robbing a bank ( if there were any left to target ). Another sunny day so another, slightly more challenging walk planned. 

Monday 3 February 2014

Old boiler

For several weeks now we have been suffering with our main shower suddenly changing from hot to cold, which is very disconcerting, to say the least. Having plucked up the courage and the funds to get a boiler engineer to check it over, the fault was traced to a pressure valve, not on the van, expensive, with availability unknown (no surprises so far) . The fitter promised to supply the required information later today (again no surprise. )They all must work from the same hymn sheet.  The car gets repaired today so Lynne is giving it a really good spring clean, whilst I venture out on a walk.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Brighter day in more ways than one

Another bright, sunny, cold day. By sheer coincidence my friend in New Zealand sent a photo of a beach out there, roasting in the midday sun (flash git ). It somehow looks more exotic than Brighton beach in mid summer and certainly less crowded, but each to their own. I'm not complaining. A short chat this morning ended our marital , quiet, frosty period ( pressure?) and we've joined the spring-like weather.
Had lunch and a pleasant afternoon with friends which got us out of our "prison" home for a change and helped lighten the mood still further, so all in all a good day. Onwards and upwards.

Saturday 1 February 2014

Rain,rain gone away

There is a gold ball in the sky where clouds had been for the past millennium . I got up early (for me ) and have readied myself for a walk as part of my normalisation programme. My balance remains dodgy          
And my stomach similarly so, but I remain resolute in my search for fitness (weather permitting ).