Thursday 13 February 2014

Noah's ark

A life-long friend popped in to see me yesterday risking life and limb driving down the M1  in gale force wind and lashing rain, subsequent to which we re- launched him in the direction of Tardis Two in identical conditions . Mad or what? You try balancing on a pontoon in 90 mph winds. Great fun. The boat was fine, as was the pub lunch and the journey home, now in dry but windy conditions. It is amazing how much a change of company and scenery makes to my mood, far more successful than drugs.  A sunny and still day today with no particular plans or appointments.I actually went shopping this afternoon but underestimated the effort required carrying the carrier bags home, fortunately Lynne rescued me. The strength still is not there, I'm afraid. Sorted out boat insurance this afternoon, no mean feat. Boats need one of those bloody annoying fat singing Italian comparison web-sites. We managed to get it cheaper than last year.

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