Friday, 28 February 2014


Today I had the choice of swimming or walking for my excercise . I had aches and pains where I had no idea muscles existed so I decided on the soft option of walking. The swimming had obviously worked from a fitness point of view but I think alternate days are best to maintain some sort of movement. 
It's another crisp cruising day, but crisper than yesterday.
Once in the pool my brain opted for 8 lengths whilst my body opted  for 6. A compromise was reached half way down the the 6th length thankfully,  so I settled for 6 lengths and a return stroll down to the village newsagents. In the meantime Lynne has apparently raised concerns with my cancer nurse regarding the length of time I allegedly spend sleeping. Considering my previous excercise had been last summer additional sleep would seem perfectly normal to me, but my nurse has recommended steroids instead.  We'll see.

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