Friday, 21 February 2014

Hey,hey it's Friday again.

Having been belatedly reminded yesterday was actually Thursday I could simply repeat yesterday's blog without too many people noticing.  I actually had a counselling session this morning but ended-up counselling my counsellor, as he and his department are being  deleted in a devious way, by gradually reducing staffing until the unit cannot function. Bureaucracy within the NHS makes the old USSR look relatively simple in comparison, believe me. Hopefully my counselling will be reprogrammed once one of the nurses returns from stress leave.
I managed to almost walk to Old John this morning, or I would have made it had mountaineering not been necessary for the last few feet. I have also decided to trade-in my London bus pass for a Leicester one to allow me some independence of movement. I have also obtained access to some funds which will help in the same way. All  positive stuff. 

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