Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Factor 10

Surprise, surprise. Another bright, sunny winters day, with a warm coat, hat and gloves would be a good cruising day.  A friend showed us a local swimming pool which holds afternoon sessions for over 50's, which should suit my fitness regime. Having not swum for many, many years this promised to be a shot in the dark. However, thankfully, it worked-out well and I completed 10 lengths without disaster, although my front crawl obviously requires some practice. 
It was interesting to observe the different attitudes to the over-50' s sessions by men and women. The men get straight in and set off to complete their planned lengths before getting straight out. The women filter in and congregate in a corner for a chat, eventually continuing their discussions along the sides, neither causing problems, until the next change in tactics which involves swimming across the pool in pairs, still chatting and sometimes stopping mid pool, which obviously creates chaos amongst the old men who moan about it as they complete each length.
The men get their overall fitness improved whilst the women achieve very strong jaws and save an hour's central heating costs daily.

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