Wednesday 19 February 2014

Hey,hey,it's Friday

I wake up every morning and wonder what day it is, they call it retirement. So what is significant about today being Friday? Basically I've turned the clock back to pre-retirement days when weekends were looked forward to as welcome breaks from the hum-drum of working life. This weekend we have friends popping in both days, fulfilling the same role. Life already seems brighter. 
Today I have an appointment with the diabetic nurse to assist me making sense of my diabetes control, which ironically has returned to something resembling normality as the cancer drugs/treatments finally leave my body
My hsb1 (long-term blood sugar control) results were near perfect, which reassured me no end, so I celebrated with a spot of gardening, which proved knackering and re confirmed how long it will take to regain sufficient fitness to cruise Tardis Two again. But that is my aim. Today was a good cruising day. Dry, sunny and warm ( with a few layers  and a hat on ).
Belatedly I have to admit today is actually Thursday. Sorry. Ignore the title. It gives me another day for my fitness regime and another day to enjoy. I'll at least get the day right tomorrow,  I promise.

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