Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Strange weather?

W had snow today, just for a change. The club where I used to row near Hampton Court have apparently not been able to get on the Thames since mid- December last year due to water flow and high levels. They have also been unable to use rowing machines to keep fit as the club house has been continuously flooded. We will check our boat again this week as some marina's have been reported flooded, but not ours. ( we hope ).  Watching the news there appears to be very little of the UK not flooded with various Government departments blaming each other for the distinct lack of action. Our memories of being forced aground on a gravel bank on the Thames last year raise smiles as we remember being promised by the Environment Agency they would dredge that area during the winter. With 100% of British rivers now requiring dredging I doubt my little piece of Thames will receive any attention, but we live in hope.
My health continues to improve day by day.

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