Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Car maladies

The car failed to start again, involving another visit by Green Flag. The first guy had diagnosed a dodgy battery, later overruled by a battery dealer. However, this latest guy once again blamed the battery, but also found an intermittent fault with the alternator. I asked him to leave the engine running so we could get the car to a garage. He completed a report for the garage where we managed to leave the car, who promised to investigate, but not today.
We're talking once again and I intend doing a little gardening. My book publisher is starting to hassle me for completion, so I have more than enough to keep me busy, helped by the fact I have got through the recent "fuzzy head"  stage.
I intended doing about one and a half hours of gardening, which I did. However walking home down the hill I became aware of my legs struggling to keep up with my body. As my pace increased I was also aware of me shouting "slow down" loudly and repeatedly until I collided with the pavement and a lamppost,with a very sore head and laying in a pool of blood. Remarkably I was quickly surrounded by a group of "locals" , all kindly offering to help, one of whom phoned an ambulance, while another phoned Lynne, who was on site within seconds followed very quickly by a blue-lighted ambulance. My blood sugar was low so the paramedics concentrated on stabilising that before heading for Leicester Royal Infirmary Accident and Emergency department. I have been very critical of it in the past but tonight they surpassed themselves. We only waited about an hour to get in and the wound above my right eye was quickly cleaned, 3 stitches added and a dressing applied. Even so it was mid evening before we had dinner at home,Derek having kindly given us a lift,otherwise it would have been a very late night.

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