Friday, 6 November 2015

Promises, Promises.

I've lost count of the number of broken promises I have suffered over recent years, so I should be immune to them by now, but this is very clearly not the case.
"Our" plans changed yesterday afternoon when Lynne received an invite to a Lebanese meal Saturday night in Hounslow and 2 days work at the wedding shop, both options she found too tempting to resist, despite only recently confirming she would not be working there again ( the village idiot syndrome arises again). As the meal excluded me a babysitter was reguired. However,for various reasons the usual suspects were unavailable at such short notice so I was given the option of being home-alone at Chloe's or at home,alone.  i chose the latter,which was a big mistake I guess, as  i had an extremely quiet evening and an even quieter journey home this morning, but,as usual,it was all my fault. 
The tone of my day was matched by the weather, with heavy and continuous rain. We bought new daffodil bulbs and some potting compost for our garden tubs, again in silence.
Later in the afternoon Lynne decided to decline the weekend work offer, but will need to visit her London hairdresser at some time prior to the meal, yet to be confirmed to me. Time will tell.

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