Monday 29 February 2016

Back to court

Julia gave us a lift to Leicester court for our mediation hearing. To cut a long story short it will sent back to the county court, yawn, yawn.unless we and MCC can reach a compromise. MCC admitted being broke and at fault but could not afford another court case, but were willing to pay us "as and when ",which Lynne agreed to, much to my horror. As far as I'm concerned we can wave the money goodbye but Lynne seems convinced Paul Baldwin is a "good egg" and trustworthy, I wish I shared her faith. I will take MCC back to court if the "agreement" fails to reach fruition in due course.
By the time I had completed a £20 bet with Lynne MCC would default on payment they had phoned to offer full payment  within 3 months.
Persistence pays.

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