Friday 25 April 2014


A slight setback occurred when Stanmore hospital confirmed an infection had been found in my damaged leg bone but gave me a further course of the antibiotic I have been on for ages  to clear it up. No problem. 7 stitches removed this morning whilst the 8th was too deep to get at, it will have to remain for another week or so. They gradually work themselves to the surface apparently. I just have to keep well clear of crowded places, hordes of children and badly steered baby buggies for a little longer.
I am still regaining weight, so overall things are progressing well.
Spent some time in the garden trimming shrubs but, to be honest it was too cold to stay out long.
I have received an early birthday present in the form of a fully- loaded iPod,so my slow progress to the 21st century continues.

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