Tuesday, 1 July 2014

More nervier times

Bone marrow day today. Scans I know all about but I have limited bone marrow test knowledge, other than hear-say. I am expecting something painfull so anything better should be a bonus. My test should be finished by lunchtime, then Lynne goes to the hairdressers  then we're off home again, assuming I will be fit enough to travel. Apart from all the gorey hospital details this trip has been a good one, catching up with family and old friends, plus visiting our favourite noodle bar. We used to visit it at least weekly when we lived down here,far less frequently now, but none the less enjoyable.
In the event, the procedure was painless, no doubt helped by local anaesthetic and gas and air, as used in childbirth.  I'm writing this in the evening after a totally painless afternoon.
Even so we have decided to return home in the morning. It has been a long and stressful day so a trip home in daylight seems a good option.

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