Saturday, 5 July 2014

Rain & shine

Typically British weather. It rained all night but is fairly bright this morning. 
At this moment in time I am unsure of my medical situation, having been extremely confident previously.  At that time all my treatment had been completed and the results were excellent. The tumour had shrunk and I was having no fits or dizzy spells, plus overall I was feeling good. The leg was brilliant and I had even been able to run and dance. Not bad, eh?   
All brilliant news and very uplifting mentally.
Then the biopsy results belatedly arrived and were confusing, not only to me but also medical experts, taking me back to square one,  if not worse. Now they are scouring my body for cancer cells, with particular emphasis on lungs and other major organs. Results of this scouring due Thursday.
The only major plus point is I am able to cope with it all because I'm in a much better place mentally, which I am pleased about. Mind over matter and all that bumph. I have to say it works, much to my surprise.
I badly miscalculated the narrowboat journey time to Willington, our intended overnight mooring spot. Our relaxed ( late ) starting time also didn't help, but in the event we moored outside Marston's brewery, although we chose to stay on the  cut. It was all by pure chance, honest.
We have booked tomorrow's lunch in The Green Dragon pub,Willington, where we have a loyalty card earned while Tardis Two was being built nearby.

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