Friday, 11 July 2014

Welcome to the first day of the rest of my life

Well, here I am after a peaceful night's sleep and making the most of this second life.  Now, where did I go wrong in the first?  Always learn by your mistakes ,although my previous ones related to a totally different lifestyle. My mood is brighter, but the weather is not. One my appointments next week has been cancelled so we can set sale one day earlier. Can't wait.
Whilst I've been given a clean bill of health yesterday, it is typical of my luck that my diabetes decided to play-up today. For some unexplained reason I awoke with very high blood sugar, which continued  throughout the day, despite my best efforts, which included swopping insulin from one manufacturer's
Batch to another and increasing insulin doseage, under guidance from my expert diabetic nurse. Always talk to an expert before considering altering your diabetic regime. My blood sugar levels have gradually reduced, but I am monitoring them far more frequently and hope things get back to normal, although the reason for the blip remains a mystery. Stress?

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