Monday, 14 July 2014

Preparing for the off

With our disappearance date fast approaching our plans were altered somewhat by a "Big Brother" text from our local garage reminding me our car is due a service and MOT in early August.
We had not forgotten, merely overlooked. A quick visit to the garage resolved the issue without hassle.
We agreed to book a service and MOT shortly after our return in late October/Early November. The short lapse in MOT is irrelevant as the car will be locked away on private land ( marina) and we can sort the car tax on-line. 
Warm sunny day which I made the best of by walking through Bradgate park. Long-time, no-see.
However,this proved a bridge too far and I needed Lynne to give me a lift for the last half mile or so.  Saw two green woodpeckers and a couple of black fallow deer bucks. It felt good to be " home".
Germany deservedly won the World Cup with the only goal of a great game. At least four of their team will be playing for Arsenal next season, plus Alexis Sanchez. It seems all our summers arrive together.

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