Friday, 11 July 2014

Oscar thanks (abridged version)

It is traditional for sports and Oscar winners to take off in an excruciating list of people they wish to thank for helping with their success. My success in surviving Leicester hospitals fits the same category but I'll attempt to keep it short.
Firstly, many,many years ago my mother instilled in me the resolve to overcome adversity and the necessity/benefits of sustained honest hard work. I learned to treat illnesses like diabetes as challenges that can be  lived with, whilst enjoying an outwardly normal life. A good foundation.
More recently I have come to appreciate friends and relatives for their unquestioned loyalty and support.  My wife Lynne tops the list by a considerable distance , followed by and in no particular order, my sister and brother in law Margaret and Bob, my children and their partners/children,     friends ( in particular Steve ) and finally individuals of the NHS at Nottingham, Leicester, St. George's and Stanmore hospitals, The Nook medical practice  and many, many more my memory has difficulty recalling. Thanks.
The high blood sugar issue appears to have been resolved, thanks to my brilliant diabetic nurse, Lisa Walker, and a considerable dose of common sense, detective work and deduction.In short we deleted and replaced the insulin batch numbers which we concluded could be under-performing, changed my injection site and things are back to normal ( whatever that is ).
I've completed painting the fence, or as much of it I can get at, pending shrub pruning, and very smart it looks too.

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