Saturday, 21 May 2016

Easy rider and Zeppelins.

A much quieter day,  thank God. My biggest task being hanging yet another load of washing on the line, not as easy as it sounds in a very lively and chilly breeze. Tom and Hayley will return to a spotlessly clean flat, including everything washable, including me, having taken advantage of the new shower, infinitely more useable than the previous antique thing.
I had an interesting tour ( honestly ) of Gravesend yesterday by long-term resident Ray, including sights first bombed by German Zeppelin airships. They were aiming for Tilbury docks but missed by a considerable distance.
We spent some time watching Gravesend Rowing club practicing on the River Thames, which resembles a small ocean at this point.
The other "highlight" was seeing the first sheikh temple built in Kent ,a somewhat understated building by current standards.      

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