Saturday 11 February 2017

Health report

Only two issues currently concern me on the health front. After months of pleading for the result of  the  scan to ascertain if my stomach gist (parasite) had grown or not,a sympathetic doctor phoned to confirm nothing had changed. Words cannot describe my feelings of relief, having been kept on tenterhooks for several months, unnecessarily. Typical Leicester hospital I'm afraid.
My suicide nurse visited with yet another assistant, Alison, and listed all the options open to me to assist my recovery, all previously discussed and agreed or dismissed, but not acted upon.  Even the bloody Airfix models were raised again. Heathway was one new suggestion raised and I agreed to give it a try. It is a charity for brain damaged patients to get them out of the house and into something of interest. Gardening and cooking were mentioned, amongst others. I chose gardening. Within minutes I knew it was not for me.
After some discussion with Alison I opted for bowls and/or ten  pin bowling  which she agreed to investigate and report back  .I won't hold my breath .

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