Friday, 3 March 2017

Bowls. 40 years on.

I have registered with U3A and attended their Thursday afternoon flat green bowls session where Stuart took me "under his wing" and undertook to refresh my memory on the basic rules and technique  of bowls. After 2 hours practice I was very,very tired and opted for a cup of tea rather than continue for the remainder of of the session. No point in overdoing it.
The manager of the sports centre, having watched me from his office window, offered me further coaching with him on Sunday morning, which I accepted.
I have the use of a set of used U3A bowls as new sets are expensive, but our friend Derek has offered use of his father's old set,currently unused in his loft. All I need now are white trainers with grip-less soles. 
I have also been offered the chance to look after the gardens of theLeonard CHeshireDisabilty home In Anstey on a voluntary basis

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