Wednesday 12 July 2017

RIP Lisa

Owen arrived with some sad and puzzling news. Apparently his girlfriend Lisa died recently in a London hospice but allegedly cited no friends or relatives.Thus making claiming, or even locating, her body difficult. Having spent the day phoning various authorities we at least pinpointed the funeral date and location,together with some information on the sequence of events prior to Lisa presenting herself at the hospice in a great deal of pain and desperation. Her life had been far from ideal due to her parents care-less attitude and a disjointed family unit.
But now at least Owen and we can say our final goodbyes and Lisa does not have to leave this world alone.
A sad day.
It appears Lisa's death may yet be classed as murder and/or assisted murder.   Euthanasia is still illegal in the UK so it may be that the "friendly nurse " and " helpful doctor", may be culpable, as will Princess Alice Hospice, based on what has come to light so far. Everything depends on what happens once the police get involved, if at all, a decision for Owen and the authorities to make in due course. We aim to "observe" developments from afar as they occur.

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