Tuesday 12 July 2016

No movements,except bedrooms

I awoke at some unearthly hour aware I needed to visit the loo, nothing unusual there apart from the fact I could'nt. Visiting was one thing (or maybe two) but using the facilities was impossible. Strange but true.
I opted to make myself a hot drink and take some gunge  that usually works in this situation, staying downstairs without disturbing Lynne whilst awaiting results. I felt extremely cold although I was aware the ambient temperature was far from cold, so dressed and added a dressing gown and hot water bottle for good measure, the latter resting on my stomach area whilst I lounged/reclined on my "office chair" with my stomach churning and gurgling loudly, wihout result.
Lynne appeared downstairs and made another coffee and hot water bottle, settling down to discuss my condition and other related issues. I learnt a lot. I had blamed my gist, an uninvited "guest" ( I have always called it a vampire scrounging a living off of me ). However, Lynne chose this moment to inform me the gist causes no problems until it fails to "fit" in the space it has invaded,but the last biopsy (?) identified mine as an extremely slow growing one in a large vacant expanse and unlikely to cause problems for the foreseeable future, which was belatedly reassuring I suppose.
In the end (excuse the unintended pun) the matter has yet to resolve itself. Watch this space. Unprompted imagination required.
As part of "our" discussions we agreed to  swap our bedroom front to back,which gives us an en-suite arrangement and an "almost" completed room.

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