Thursday 18 August 2016

Lights at end of tunnel yet again.

The second visit of my new "suicide nurse " only lasted a few minutes as he was satisfied I was in a much better place, but will be back next week. He is not the most inspiring character, it has to be said.
He suggested I take up "Airfix" modelling. No comment.
Over the weekend I spent a whole day at my gardening "job", packed lunch and all. It went very well and I even managed to walk home.
Today an electrician spent the day fixing pendant and roof lights to our freshly decorated upstairs corridor,and amazingly smart it looks too. One of the new lights had been used and damaged before, but the suppliers John Lewis, offered to supply and fit a new one next week, great service as usual. The box had been carefully re-sealed, hence the delay in discovery.
Yet again I felt good, although I had a funny moment whilst admiring the completed pendant light, reminding me full recovery is still to be achieved.

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