Wednesday 31 August 2016

Madness personified ?

Today was my meeting with the chief East Midlands expert on mental health, but first I had to go through lots of preliminary questions from one of her trainee guys with warm, slightly sweaty hands. He was very pleasant and attempted to go through my medical life history and my childhood in around 30 minutes,after which I was transferred to the chief phsyciatrist's office, a very pleasant large lady who reminded me of  Mrs. Fleckney, a lovely lady who lived in a nearby village during my childhood.
After a brief discussion she suggested I I need a higher dose of my new "happy pill ", the very one I was blaming for my recent diabetic maladies and my latest bout of unsteadiness. I told her I knew of the results of trials in the USA and the Philipines all revealing the drug does not work well with diabetics, indeed, the latter no longer use it in such circumstances. My shrink dismissed this as only applicable to low doses, not the higher dosage suggested. After several minutes of discussion and no possible alternatives I reluctantly accepted her "remedy", with the proviso I could phase myself off MIRTAZAPINE if the current problems persisted, to which she agreed. A further appointment will be made in 6 weeks.

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