Thursday, 22 June 2017

Isolation 2

We had a wonderful relaxing week with Linda and Terry with record temperatures throughout. However, the transitional days in Anstey ,prior to a week in the Lake District were much cooler and more English summer-like, giving us the opportunity to increase our garden colour using plants obtained in an end of season sale at a Colchester garden centre. I basically had a day to get them planted and watered-in before heading north to meet up with friends sharing a holiday cottage with us.
Lynne headed off to get her nails painted whilst I went for a badly needed hair cut . 
While Lynne was away for the day an incoming ansafone message highlighted  "my" mobile phone was missing,as were both the indoor phones from the living room and our bedroom, which raised alarms and conspiracy theories in what is left of my brain.
Miraculously all the missing phones reappeared on Lynne's eventual return home, together with plausible  explanations.

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