Thursday 29 June 2017

Isolation 3

I am Sharing  a holiday home in the Lake District in lousy weather - rain,rain and more rain. We have managed to get out and about most days, soaking up tremendous views from the car. Our holiday home overlooks Morcambe Bay, a large expanse of quicksands , fast tides , fast currents and rocks. It is not the place to go paddling, believe me. Food and drink is good however.
We managed to lock ourselves out of the car with the keys in it,spending four hours in a small cafe whilst an RAC man and a locksmith got us back in.
The day before, Lynne and the girls spent the day shopping in a tropical rainstorm,whilst I stayed home.      Once again I found myself isolated, as neither my nor Lynne's phone could connect with the outside world. The shopping day proved a very long one. I am now fully prepared for living on a deserted island. Carer,what carer?

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