Friday 10 October 2014

Marina, home and review

RWe have an unusual view from our windows this morning
We are on a pontoon space very close to the marina workshops. The boat pictured is waiting to enter the workshops and is tied to a tree, but will move soon apparently. It has stopped raining too.
The day turned out to be great for cruising, warm and sunny. Typical of our luck. In fact it was so warm I had my hair cut ( which one? I hear you say ) and spent the afternoon de-weeding the garden. Both hair and garden look much tidier, even though I do say so myself. As expected the car failed to start this morning ( flat battery ) but jump leads, the workshop battery and fitters quickly rectified the problem, allowing us to get most of our clothing and parafinalia home, including Phoebe, who seems to take absolutely everything in her stride.
As a result of our travels during the summer, which covered canals new to us and others re-visited after many years, I have changed my canal recommendations as follows;
1) Macclesfield
2) Peak Forest
3) Llangollen
4) Bridgewater
5) Monmouthshire & Brecon
6)Shropshire Union
7) Coventry
9) Birmingham and Fazeley

The above are personal choices by myself and Lynne, but obviously everyone has their own preferences.
Canals best avoided ;
1) Worcester and Birmingham ( unless you are a lock/fitness fanatic and appreciate that teenagers will be teenagers.
2) Birmingham ( as above ).

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