Friday 24 October 2014

Old man watch

Chloe successfully completed the first morning's "old man watch", including a short incident free shopping trip to Epsom, and here I am writing my blog in mid afternoon to prove it. 
With a by-election due next week and a general election soon after, Conservative, Labour and Lib- Dem politicians are promising the earth. Some classic timing by the European Government has further livened the situation by levying an additional annual charge of £1.7 billion for UK membership, because our economy is "outperforming all others". UKIP must be laughing their socks off.
The better we do the more it costs us, it seems. The Germans have finally got their act together over European ruling. They have quietly taken over with no bloodshed or destruction, unlike their two earlier "bull in a china shop " failed attempts by force. However, even now they cannot resist the temptation of kicking us Brits in the face as they pass.

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