Wednesday 22 October 2014

Rowing's big loss

Now at home where I have received sad news. The man who had a tremendous influence on my rowing career over umpteen years sadly succumbed to cancer, having battled with it for many years without complaint . Martin was the heart and soul of Kingston Grammar School Vets Rowing club and the best /most effective coach I have ever encountered. A massive loss to club rowing. I owe him so much.
By way of diversion I spent the morning altering the garden to Lynne's specification whilst she was out, only to find on her return I had misunderstood her wishes ( ! ), but no harm done. The wonder of nature is it's ability to recover from "severe"pruning. Fingers crossed.
From a personal point of view the last few days have proved what a better place I am in. The poppies at The Tower of London obviously were very moving and the news of Martin is devastating, but I have held everything together really well, I think, by considering the positives and dismissing the negatives.
The positives include knowing and being influenced by  Martin, plus none of my known family were directly involved in the two World War Europe bloodbaths.

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