Friday 4 March 2016

Brighter times and snow.

To round off a successful week ( with the exception of Arsenal ) today we have sunshine and snow. We aim to get a new, bigger, TV  for home and perhaps a replacement computer for my scrapped antique.
First, We met a consultant to discuss my gist results. Believe it or not they have lost them via a computer crash, but they still hope to retrieve them, at which time they will let me know by phone. The current view is the gist remains too small to remove for the foreseeable future, but it will be monitored. What more could I expect from Leicester hospital? 
From the hospital we visited John Lewis ( the shop, not the person ) where we bought a large , curve screen TV and sound bar, to be delivered next week.
I have to admit I lost my £20 bet as MCC completed the first instalment of their court "fine", which is strangely pleasing.

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