Monday, 28 March 2016

Nature turns nasty

Easter Monday and we are back to heavy rain ,gusty winds and sunshine, not necessarily in that order.
We have finally made a decision regarding upstairs changes but now need to get the necessary paint and fittings. We were planning to meet Chloe at Margaret and Bob's tomorrow but the weather has trapped the latter two in Norfolk so a change of plan is reguired.
The original change of plan was for Chloe to bring our granddaughter's to our house for dinner, but that was later changed again, to what I haven't a clue at this stage but all will become clear in due course.
The "office" back bedroom has been transformed with all the old wallpaper stripped and a large cupboard beginning to appear above the stairs. Tomorrow the last remaining desk will be dismantled,the boiler corner transformed and eventually a new carpet fitted.
I had a particularly good day, even assisting with stripping wallpaper and cleaning up with no ill-effects.

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