Monday 21 March 2016

Coal mining

The weather has taken a turn for the worst, reflecting my current mood. Dull and grey.
Off for a brain scan this afternoon, yippee. It is one of my routine ones at a Leicester hospital, so anything can happen,and probably will.
The boat handover is scheduled for next Friday at 0930 hrs when money and boat will change hands, hopefully ( I have been told to delete the last word of that sentence and be positive, reflecting that I have reached the bottom of the coal mine and the only way is up.
As predicted, anything happened at my brain scan. They were running an hour late and two nurses failed to fit a cannula in either arm, both running off in different directions to find someone who could. They failed, so eventually the scanner technition did it, by which time both arms and the backs of my hands were covered in plasters and blood. The scan was a long one and removing the numerous plasters from my hairy arms and hands took forever, but painfully.

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