Friday, 22 April 2016

Gym enjoyment

Day 2 in the gym saw me concentrating on retraining my damaged brain via a series of exercises involving short -term memory which proved interesting and highlighted how much brain function I have actually lost due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Apparently it is possible to retrain the brain but it will be a long project. We also had a visit from a representative of a local support group for patients suffering brain damage, but she reminded me of a Victoria Wood comedy character too much to be of great help, but another useful contact should the need ever arise. We have obviously rattled a few cages recently in our quest to get a decent level of treatment and support as everyone seems to be suddenly  dripping out of the woodwork, but better late than never I suppose. Where have they been
previously? Playing domino's in some dingy back garden shed I suspect. The high's of the past few days have disappeared back into the filing room to be replaced by the need to sleep.

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