Friday, 29 April 2016

It never rains but it pours.

I have booked 2 gym sessions for next week, meaning my diary is bursting at the seams. Another visit to the young lady who is attempting to "repair my brain"  confirmed it will not be an easy or fast exercise.What is left of my brain is supposed to reshuffle itself to cover the blank pieces shot to hell by the radiotherapy, but even she seems to have lost a little of her original faith. At this stage my physical state is far more important to me than my mental equivalent, as I am convinced one has a direct bearing on the other. She will have analysed my brain exercise results by the time I see her again, which should prove interesting.
The grim winter weather has finally given way to spring-like sunshine and relative warmth
I spent the morning working at "old"  Derek's garden, my first visit for many weeks due to a combination of health appointments and lousy weather. The visit raised yet more questions regarding my fitness. Am I trying too hard and fast?

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