Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Liverpool pathway revisited

A beautiful sunny day, not matched by my mood. Having a parasite living off me totally unmolested for 6 months is starting to annoy me,especially as no one seems to give a toss. But I have plans.
Dr. Exxon phoned having apparently returned from the space station with my endoscopy and scan results. He confirmed "there is nothing to worry about" but was obviously miffed when I pointed out he could have told me that weeks ago. He got even more miffed when I referred to the gist/tumour as a parasite, obviously not the correct description? He explained it is too small to remove at present but they will monitor it closely. I stated if it is benign then surely it will not grow , at which point I concluded  the conversation was best ended before Dr. Exxon exploded.

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