Thursday 29 May 2014


Remember the old story of waiting ages for a bus then two arrive together ? The same thing occurred yesterday only in this instance regarding counselling. Having waited several months and survived a number of suicidal periods the good old NHS team returned from depression sickness leave and I'm already on my third consultation with one of them. Many weeks ago I had registered with a cancer counselling charity but, due to the lack of an NHS service, they had a huge waiting list. Yesterday the charity phoned to arrange a consultation, which reluctantly I felt compelled to put on hold, just in case the NHS team depression returned. They kindly agreed to tag me alongside their waiting list so I would not slip back to the bottom rung.
Needless to say it is still raining for the 6th day running, but warmer.
A few weeks ago this spell of lousy weather would have floored me, but the brighter me is able to cope, so clearly my mood has improved somewhat.
It stopped raining for at least half an hour this afternoon which gave me the opportunity to undertake gardening duties. Everything now looks very neat and tidy, which should last until our return home in the autumn. The boat beckons after next week. (Weather permitting).

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