Friday 2 May 2014

End of "funny" week

Nothing funny for me, but events elsewhere have been unexpected, to say the least. Gerry Adams, politician and leader of the IRA, held for 3days regarding the kidnap and murder of a mother of ten, many years ago. The shock waves spread far and wide as prosecutions against IRA leaders had always been considered out of the question as witnesses tended to end up dead. 
Publicist Max Clifford was jailed for 8 years for sex offences against impressionable young girls, a shock to him as he considered himself above the law for so long.
 A judge was jailed for assisting a bent politician in trying to avoid prosecution for serious motoring offences. A dose of reality unexpectantly hits the rich and famous. Whatever is happening?  They will be digging up and charging Jimmy Saville next.
Sunny and very warm day, so we're planning an overnight stay on the boat tomorrow, call it  re acclimatisation  I suppose. 

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