Monday 26 May 2014

Launch lifeboats

Yes, it is still raining and very cold too. At this rate I'll be watching the World Cup on TV wearing Wellington boots in my living room, and we live halfway up a large hill. The weather may be depressing but my mood remains upbeat, which is very encouraging. Not sure what we aim to do today but cruising or sunbathing are not viable options.
Poor old Somerset is again underwater, as are the Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem parties after the European Union elections a few days ago, when the UK Independence Party rode roughshod over them. The electorate has been revolting for a long time but no-one noticed until the steamroller had passed by.  The next year or so should prove politically electrifying.
I had intended getting my hair cut this morning but could not as I failed to find my waterproof jacket with hood or an umbrella ( on the boat ). The rain finally stopped after the hairdresser's closed so my haircut has to wait. I have hair virtually all over my head so I propose styling it  for the future ( rest of my life ? ) .

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