Thursday 22 May 2014

Retrograde step?

Yesterday was strange. Apart from rain when I woke and again when I went to bed (early) I spent the day feeling very tired. No headache or fuzziness, just tired and lethargic. I managed to finish one coat of paint on the boat hook, which looks great, but then realised marine paint dries really slowly so the second coat will have to wait, unfortunately.   Maybe later today .  This morning we are off to vote in our local EU election. Normally I don't bother with the EU as it may as well be on Mars, but this year the UK elections are very soon after the EU ones so it gives the opportunity to frighten our own MP's into listening instead of ignoring.
Pole painting completed and put in garden shed just before rain set in for the afternoon.
Healthwise a better day, no tiredness. Perhaps yesterday was merely a hiccup? Let's hope so.

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